30 Desember 2011

Lowongan Astra Graphia

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Astragraphia started its journey in 1971 as a Xerox Division of PT Astra International engaging in the exclusive marketing and after sales services of xerox photocopy machines throughout Indonesia. In
line with the rapid bussiness growth, in 1976 the Xerox Division seperated itself from PT Astra International and became an independent company, PT Astra Graphia.

In the framework of building a solid platform for its business development, in 1989 Astragraphia became a public company by listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange.

Currently, entering its 30th year as an independent company,Astragraphia focuses on the Document Solution business with Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd, as its main principal, a global expert document company with head office in Japan. The Document Solution bussiness does not only comprise the photocopy machine bussiness, but has meanwhile transformed alongside the rapid growth of the IT development to emerge
as an IT-Based Document Solution Provider. Its function scope expanded too, starting with document input (creating, scaning, merging, editing), document management (sharing, archieving, distributing, routing) to document output (printing, faxing, copying, e-mailing, web viewing) with various configurations.

Astra graphia has divided Document Solution inti four main business areas, namely: Office Product Business, Production System Business, Printer Channel Business and Services Business. The division of those businesses is based on the type of hadrware and services offered.

Astragraphia underlines providing enhanced values to customers, instead of just selling hardware. This fact is supported by developing the Valued Services and Solutions (VSS) methods in 2004, which is a work efficiency and effectiveness enhancing oriented marketing approach for the customers. The VSS methods starts with an assessment process prior to establishing the document management design for a company. When it has been approved by the customer it is followed by the implementation stage or instalation of the solution, followed by an evaluation wheather the system is appropriate and achieves productivity expected, and finally the improvement stage if any is required.

Astra graphia continues to strive to provide unsurpassed service quality to its customers by expanding its scope throughout Indonesia and other neighboring regions, such as Timor Leste.

Up to the end of 2005, Astra graphia managed 19 branch offices and 53 service points spread throughout the country. In addition to its own distribution network, Astra graphia also conducts sales and provides
services through dealers and resellers wjo are strategically spread all over Indonesia.

To strengthen Astra graphia's position in the promosing IT market in Indonesia, penetration is conducted through PT SCS Astra graphia and 51% shares owned by Singapore Computer System Limited (SCS). Fortified y its competence and experience over almost 23 years in the IT bussiness (previously through the IT solution Bussiness unit), SAT has emerged as one of the top three companies in the field of integrated
IT Solution Business in Indonesia. In fact, presently SAT possesses the platform to access international markets already penetrated by SCS regionally.

Management Trainee (MT) :
Account Manager
    Bachelor Degree from IT / Computer (preferred), other Major are
welcome to apply
    Male/Female Max 27 Years Old
    Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply
    Mastering English
    Willing to be placed all PT Astra Graphia branches

Customer Engineer
    Bachelor Degree from IT / Computer / Electronic / Electric
(preferred), other Major are welcome to apply
    Male/Female Max 27 Years Old
    Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply
    Mastering English
    Willing to be placed all PT Astra Graphia branches

Interested candidates please send your application to

HR Division PT Astragraphia
Jl. Kramat Raya No. 43
Jakarta Pusat 10450
Tel. : (021) 390 9444–390 9190
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