31 Mei 2011

Revisi PT. Trakindo Utama

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PT. Trakindo Utama - HO East KAL-Division – has an immediate requirement of :

Senior Instructor (2 Persons)
Instructor (4 Persons)
Junior Instructor (2 Persons)

Job Roles :
- Responsible to provide training for employees and Caterpillar end users to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies required by the business.
- Enhance the capacity of company service personnel and customers through the design, development, conducting & evaluation of appropriate learning solution and training courses.
- Design and deliver tailored training program required by the business.
- To be a mentor in order to ensure that OJT program participant get a correct skill listed on Skill Proficiency Book

Qualifications :
- Bachelor and Diploma degree for Mechanical & Automotive Engineering.
- Should have a history of developing or teaching others. This need not be job related.
- Should be able to learn independenly
- Must be willing & able to learn and develop quickly (high learning capacity).
- Should have excellent Bahasa Indonesia communication skills.
- Should also be able to read & absorb material written in English.
- Should also have some English language speaking and listening skills.
- Must be willing to travel and to be posted at remote locations.
- Competencies in Analytical Thinking, Impact & Influence, Leadership, Developing others, and Commitment to Learning.

Term, Condition and Benefits :
- Location : HO East Kalimantan - Balikpapan
- Reporting to : Training Supervisor
- Compensation : - Monthly based salary
- Applicable to Performance Bonu
- Integrated Training & Development Program

Please send your application to BKK FT UNY till Thursday, June 8, 2011
Or send via email to rekrut_bkkftuny@yahoo.com
Selection will be held in FT UNY. Tags : Revisi PT. Trakindo Utama

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