14 Juni 2010


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Since its establishment in 2003, PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada (Astra Heavy Equipment Mining and Energy Group) has continued to show great performance and contribution in the world of business, especially coal mining. KPP’s business is more than just exploration and exploitation (mining developer), it also carries out professional and high quality Port Services which supported by potential and credible management staff and employees, coupled with aduquate facilities and infrastructures as the best way to deliver added value to customer.
To supply our manpower demands, we are welcoming you joint us in our Fresh Graduate Development Programme (FGDP)

1.Diploma (D3) in Machine Engineering/ Electrical Engineering.
• FGDP in logistic (Warehouse Group Leader, Purchasing Group Leader, Inventory Group Leader).
• FGDP in Plant (Track Type Group Leader, Wheel Type Group Leader, Palnt Instructor, Plant System development).
2.Diploma (D3) in Civil Engineering.
• FGDP in Production (Production Group Leader, Surveyor)
• FGDP in General Affair (GA & Civil Construction Officer)
3.Diploma (D3) in Accounting/ Management/ Administration
• FGDP in HR & Personel (HR Site Officer, Personal Site Officer, Payroll Officer)
• FGDP in Finance, Accounting & Tax (FAT Officer)

General requirements :
1. Min GPA is 2.75
2. Already graduate or student in last semester who has passed final exam or waiting for graduation are welcome to apply
3. Independent, high achiever, able to work in team.
4. Willing to be placed in Borneo.

If you are qualified to our requirements,
Please send your comprehensive application to :
BKK UNY (kantor IKA UNY)
Before 18th June 2010. Tags : PT. KALIMANTAN PRIMA PERSADA

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